What is it with designer clothing?

Designer jeans, specifically. I was over at the mall not too long ago with my husband, walking through Nordstrom’s on the way to the Food Court. Out of curiosity, I glanced at the price tag on a pair of jeans, just plain old jeans. I could not believe my eyes — $150.00! So I looked at a few other pairs by different companies — the same thing. WOW!

I had just gone out and bought new jeans myself, NOT from Nordie’s or Bloomie’s or anyplace like that. In fact, I had gotten a pair of jeans and a pair of denim crops from L.L. Bean, and a pair of jeans and a pair of capris from Kohl’s. All four pairs of pants, including shipping, tax, and all that stuff, totaled $110. They all looked and fit just fine as far as I was concerned. So…one pair of pants for $150 (plus tax, so they’d be about $160 total), or four pairs for $110. Hmmm.

All I can say is that if I pay $150 for one lousy pair of pants, they’d better be giving me multiple orgasms every time I put the damn things on!

(Now this is not to say I never wear designer jeans. I occasionally buy Calvin Klein’s or Ralph Lauren’s when I find some that fit well, BUT I buy them at Ross Dress for Less, usually off the clearance rack!)