Creating Color Combinations

This week’s Flaming Hot Tips Tuesday asks how we come up with color combinations when working with glass. Sometimes I’ll have a color combination in mind based on something I’ve seen lately; sometimes I’ll just use colors that “feel” right for the current season. As an example, I’ve been doing a lot lately with autumn-type oranges, rusts, greens, and browns that I normally don’t do much with.

Sometimes, though, I’ll decide to make a boro cane or twisty by starting with a rod of clear, and then just grabbing whatever rod of color my hand happens to fall on (whether that rod is on my table or in my bucket) and smooshing a stripe of it onto the clear. When I do that, I don’t even think about what color I’m grabbing; I just grab and go. I did that a couple of weeks ago at Hot Time in the Mountains on Sunday morning when I was getting ready to pack up. I finally used that twisty a few days ago for some beads, and they are amazingly bright and vibrant, just because I grabbed colors that, if I had actually THOUGHT about it, I never would have put together.

Picture will follow shortly.

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