Who are my idols?

From Flaming Hot, this week’s BlogIt:

Who do you admire? Aspire to emulate? Look to as the artisan you wish to be? In setting goals and reaching higher where do you find your benchmarks? Blog it!

There are plenty of beadmakers and artisans whose work I admire, most of whom are listed at my web site.? It’s hard to narrow those lists down to just a handful, and that handful would change from week to week.? This week I love to drool over the work of Lydia Muell, Joanna Mueller, and Kandice Seeber in particular, none of whom are doing work anything like the kind of work I do, or want to do.

Lydia’s beads stun me with her colorful, intricate, feminine but not frilly designs.? Joanna does smashing things with boro — she may be the one I come closest to wanting to emulate.? Kandice, well, her design control and her color sense awe me.

As far as emulation, honestly, I don’t aspire to emulate anyone out there, not artistically.? I rather enjoy my own voice in glass, and just the exploration and discovery that results.? Perhaps if I were actually trying to make a living from lampwork it might be different, but I’m content to share my work with those who share my vision.

From a business standpoint the answer is different — there are some people who are so consistent and good with the business end of their art, such as Kaye Husko and JC Herrell, that I could learn a lot from following their example.

I really want to be the best artisan and lampworker I can be, not an imitation or clone of someone else.? I can be, and am, influenced by everyone I encounter, but all the little bits and pieces from everyone make their way into, hopefully, a unique and creative stew with my own individual flavor.