Already??? Bah, humbug!

First it was the newspaper notice that Santa Claus was arriving at Town Center Mall last night.? Then today, at CVS, it was seeing not only all the Christmas merchandise out already, but their actual store decorations up and in your face.?? Later, at Wal-Mart,? my ears were assaulted by a horridly treacly rendition of “Silent Night” over the store Muzak system as I watched an employee decking their store halls.

Please, America, get a grip!!!? It’s NOVEMBER THIRD.? The Halloween candy isn’t even all gone from the clearance shelves.? It’s fifty-two days? until Christmas, nineteen days until Thanksgiving (which happens to come on the earliest possible date this year), and you are already assaulting my senses with your crass commercial exploitation of the “Holiday Season.”? Trust me, it’s not going to put me into the “Christmas Spirit” — no, all it’s going to do is make me sick of everything before Thanksgiving, and want to just hibernate in my home until New Year’s.? Venturing out to boost the local economy will shortly be the last thing on my mind, thank you.

Santa’s appearance at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is quite soon enough to start shoving Christmas in my face at every turn, thank you very much.? I got your Merry Christmas right here, bah humbug!!!