Flaming Hot — Someday I want to…

…find a true signature bead style, something that, when people look at it, they think of me.? After a bit over two years of lampworking, very part-time, I feel like I’m still a dilettante.? I still spend a lot of time trying to learn the glass, how it flows, what the heat and flame do to it.? I keep trying new things session after session, just wanting to know what works for me and what doesn’t.? Especially with moving from soft glass to boro, I’m still climbing up the learning curve.? Things that I was starting to get the hang of with soft glass, like presses, I feel like I’m back to square one (at best) with boro.

Not that I ever want that learning curve to end, mind you! ? That is a lot of the fun of it.? Still, I’d like there to someday be something, some bead, that when people look at it they say “aha, that’s a Julia bead.”

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