Finding Inspiration — Flaming Hot Tips Tuesday

I spent the last day since Tuesday’s tip was posted trying to think where I find my inspiration for my beads. Nothing specific came to mind! I don’t ever really go LOOKING for inspiration anyway, it seems. It just seems to appear spontaneously out of my subconscious when I sit down to the flame. I say “Self, what do you feel like doing today? What shapes, colors, patterns appeal to you today?”

Self will answer “Oh, I’m into blues today — let’s combine Brilliant Blue with some striking colors” or “I’m in a focal mood, maybe a couple of landscapes to start with, and use that new press you just bought as the shape” or “I don’t really know, why don’t we experiment with that new technique we wanted to try? If it doesn’t work out we can always go back to plain round frit beads to get back in the groove!”

Of course, if Self is silent, I can always go to my notebooks and flip through to see if there’s anything there that strikes a chord. Then, if all else fails, I’ll just make cane and twisties to use later, usually using random combinations just to see what happens with them. After all, it’s only glass!