Weer in ur bede show, scopin’ out ur displaze

Since DH decided not to go to his martial arts classes today because he was still achy from this week, we went out to the Intergalactic Bead Show in Duluth.? It’s not a show I attend frequently because it takes about 40 minutes to get out there, and it’s not a show I’ve heard that many good things about from other lampworkers who have attended as vendors. But I realized that it would be a good opportunity to check out displays and merchandising right before next weekend’s show, and Mr. Frosty agreed.

One thing visiting the show let us do was confirm that some things I’ve heard really are important.? Raising the table height with bed risers (or PVC pipe) makes a huge difference in how easily people can see your items.? We will definitely want that next weekend, so Things & Beyond just went on the errand list.? Floor-length table drapes look infinitely better than shorter ones (actually, I remember that from Bead Mercantile), so we will make sure that floor length it is.? I think that the lights we found yesterday at Office Max and Ikea will do very, very nicely, and stay out of the way better than the standard clamp-on lights many vendors were using. Cork tiles (which I may have a couple of around here) and grids (which I DO have around here) can be extremely useful for pinning or hanging up merchandise.? Cable ties should go on the “tool” list along with the always-necessary duct tape.

As for shopping, I wasn’t in much of a buying mood myself, but I did stock up on some very nice Karen Hill Tribe silver to use in stuff for the GPC show next month.? That was it, though, for me.