Buckle down and accomplish something

I don’t know if I work better under pressure, but I certainly get more done under pressure.? With the holidays looming on the horizon, the bead show this weekend, family and friends coming next week for Thanksgiving dinner, and the end of the semester around the corner, I have a lot on my agenda.

In the past couple of days I have done much of the planning for the show as well as getting stuff together for it.? The bed risers and new lighting are in my studio waiting to be packed into the car Friday night.? I have put a large dent in the grading backlog, particularly for my introductory class, and the pile is back down to a somewhat manageable size now (at least until next week’s test). I keep seeing and taking care of little bits here and there around the house in preparation for a bigger cleaning early next week.? Today at work, I defragmented the hard drive on my work computer and installed Ubuntu Linux to make it a dual-boot system (completely against our IT rules, of course, but with absolutely no issues) so that I can be happier with my computer use there.

I feel like there’s still an insane amount to do right away but it doesn’t feel quite so overwhelming now that I am getting a few things dealt with.? Deep breath, let it out slowly, decide on the next thing to tackle!

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