Tips Tuesday – Creative Outlets

Flaming Hot’s Tuesday Tip is to have more than one creative outlet, so that when your creativity goes south in one area, you have something else to work on.? This shifting gears lets other parts of your creative energies get exercised while the exhausted area rests, and is supposed to get you back on track more quickly.

I’ve actually been doing this for a long time.? Back when I was a weaver, I almost always had two different projects going on two different looms.? Often I’d be designing and warping up one project while I was weaving off the other, which worked because those are actually two very different processes.? Or, if I only had one weaving project going and it just wasn’t working at the moment, I could turn to my spinning wheel and just Zen out with some fiber.? Before that, I’d have two needlework projects, or a needlework project and something else, going so that I could switch back and forth.

With lampwork it’s a little bit different, though.? If the boro isn’t working today, I can drop the kiln temperature and switch over to soft glass.? If beads are acting poopy, I can play with off-mandrel work and make pendants or marbles.? Still, there are days when the glass just isn’t working. Then I turn off the torch and pull out the crochet, or the spinning wheel, or put together a book, or even work on my web site.? Or, for that matter, I can go read, or vegetate, or sleep!

Even at work I tend to do this!? I can only work so long on one thing there before I have to switch gears and do something else.? I sometimes wonder how I managed to teach class for four and a half hours straight without going nuts — that’s a long time to be doing ANYTHING without a change of pace.