My studio is…

(This week’s Flaming Hot Blog It!)

…an appalling mess to look at, but in all that mess is a haven of creativity and serenity. It’s almost always that way, so it must work for me somehow.? I always have a small space for a studio, and try to cram an insane amount of creative paraphernalia into it. That is bound to lead to clutter, but I do try to organize it as much as I can.

In my starter marriage, I used the dining room as my studio.? We removed the dining room table and I packed two floor looms, two bookcases, two floor-to-ceiling Skandia shelving units filled with yarn and notebooks, a desk made from two filing cabinets with a desktop, a spinning wheel, a straight chair, and various and sundry other miscellanea.? Basically there was a narrow path you could walk through to get from the kitchen door to the foyer (which had no door so I hung a curtain).? It was always a disaster but it was still my solitary, everyone-keep-out refuge and safe haven from the rest of my less-than-happy life.

Now I’m in the smallest bedroom of our condo, with about the same square footage.? The Skandia shelving is still there, and even expanded, but now it contains bookbinding and collage materials,? business supplies, and beads and jewelry components, along with notebooks and still a wee amount of yarn.? The looms have been replaced by my lampworking area, one table with my torch and one with my kiln and primary glass storage.? Another small table tucks in a nook for the paper crafts. Now, though, I have a comfortable chair and reading lamp in one corner so Mr. Frosty can keep me company when he chooses.

At the moment my studio is in worse shape than usual thanks to two spare oxygen concentrators and a map rack with glass tubing and other stuff sitting wherever there is space, since I haven’t found permanent homes for those three items yet.? Once I do (soon!)? I can do a little more tweaking and decluttering to get it to exactly the way it should be…the home of my creative muse, my own play space.