Disappointing show so far

Indeed, this weekend’s show was certainly disappointing on the first day, not only for us but for all the other artisan-vendors we talked with.? I thought all day that there didn’t seem to be the attendance I was accustomed to seeing, and both Diane and Lisa confirmed it.? I do not even think we have made the booth fee back, not once the charge for the electrical service is added in.

On the other hand, the “Wonkies for the Kitties” has to be considered a huge success.? Mincot donated her wonky proceeds to the cause as well, and many people were quite willing to drop a dollar or two in the Good Mews can and pick out a wonky bead.

We have definitely gotten a lot of attention, particularly from Min’s necklaces — she hasn’t sold any of them but they do catch people’s eye, and that pulls them over to the booth.? A lot of folks have asked if we are local (yes), if we teach (yes, but not lampworking, but we know who does teach lampworking), and if we have websites (oh, yeah!).? So I guess once I’m back from the show, I can push to get some stuff photographed and up on the website/Etsy/eBay as well as convert some beads to finished work for the GPC show.

It’s all about making contacts and getting your name out there, after all.? Build it and they will come — hey, it worked for The Glass Haven.