Attitude is everything

I’ve never worked in retail in my life.? Trying to be a salesperson in Junior Achievement was a nightmare.? I was even terrible at selling Girl Scout cookies.? However, if you’re going to do bead shows and try to sell your creations, you’re going to have to try your best to be a salesperson.

If this weekend’s show proved one thing to me, it showed that attitude makes a huge difference both in how you do at a show financially and whether or not you enjoy it.? Mincot and I are both dreadfully introverted, but we both made a concerted effort to be outgoing, friendly, and cheery non-stop from 10 a.m. until close both days. We smiled until our faces hurt; we greeted every customer that even came close to making eye contact with us; we complimented customers on their jewelry, their clothing, their taste in beads and pets and anything else we could find. By keeping an unrelentingly upbeat attitude, I really think we improved our sales and the donations we received for Good Mews.

Certainly we enjoyed the show much more than if we had just sat there and bitched and moaned about the lack of attendance, the slow sales, the bad lighting, the uncomfortable chairs, and so on.

I overheard the lampworker at the next table snap “NO!” at another vendor who asked at the end of the day Sunday if she’d had a good show.? No surprise — I had overheard her complaining about the show, about us and our “Wonkies for the Kitties,” about her lack of sales both to customers and other vendors.? It was clear from her behavior that she was not enjoying herself at all, either.

Good attitude, good experience.? Poor attitude, poor experience.? It’s all about what you choose to make of it.

5 thoughts on “Attitude is everything”

  1. Whew. I bet you all were exhausted. For those of us that like to keep to ourselves that being social thing sure can be tiring.

    If I can’t be as outgoing as you were I at least keep any grumbling safely hidden until later, at dinner! Other vendors don’t realize how easily they are heard by people around them.

    And, all that smiling, I hope you didn’t forget the chapstick. 🙂

  2. Awww, yes! Attitude does make a difference. I am thankful I have a naturally cheerful personality despite the crummy people and situations I have encountered in my life. I dread being around unhappy pessimistic personalities and often find myself looking for the closest exit. There is a brighter side to every situation?try to find that side. Keep up that upbeat attitude. It?s also good for your health. 😉

  3. Dave at Rings & Things

    Hi Julia, thanks for submitting your “attitude is everything” tip at our Craft Business Tips page! I added it this morning, with a link back here. We appreciate your sharing what you’ve learned!

    Here’s hoping your readers will come on over & share their tips too!


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