Happy Thanksgiving

Mom iz bizzy fixin Thanxgivin fud so I r writin in her blog for her.? Aftr al, kittehs has lots to be fankful fer too!? We kittehs haz many krunchifuds to nomnom, warm sqooshy bedz to curlz up in, soft kwiltz and bankies to? lie on and stay warm wif, and katnip mowsies and fweecie snakes to play wif.

I are happy fur my family too.? Daddeh gives teh bestest skritchies and rubs.? I is happy u finded him and brot him home.? I is not so happi about Dum-Dum bruvver bcuz he is a dumb kitteh, but most of timez he is not really so badz.? Thank you Mom for findin me at Good Mews and doptin me as yur kitteh.

Thiz bloggin iz hardur than I thot!? U reelly needz possabl tumbz to type gud!

All yu Hoomins and Kittehs be happy and giv thankz for all yur gud thingz and gushifudz.? Peace, Love, and Catnip,


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    • gwacie on November 23, 2007 at 8:51 am

    Hi Frosty kittehs! Scritches to youse.

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