Working BIG

Tonight I decided to try out my other new press, the Zoozii XL Straight-Sided Lentil.? The blurb says it takes a fair bit of glass and they are not kidding, not for a bead 1.5 inches in diameter and 18 mm. thick!? It took close to a rod and a half to just make the base bead, and then I added frit and then a thin layer of encasing on top.? So all told it was at LEAST two full rods of glass.? The little bugger took a nice little while to melt into its basic shape, a while to melt in the frit, and as for the encasing, well, let’s just say that I was being extremely careful as I striped on the encasing, hoping that I wouldn’t let one part get too cool and break while I finished up.

It’s not a real complex bead, not for the first one I’ve ever done that large, with that press.? Vetrofond odd lot slate blue base, Spiral Dance Electric Blue frit, and Moretti pale lavender for the encasing.? Yep, soft glass — did you really think I’d try something that large in boro right off?? It looked good going into the kiln, so fingers are crossed for tomorrow morning.