Most Sundays we go over to the east side of town to see DH’s Aunt Mary.? She was the first of his family to whom I was introduced, and I absolutely enjoy visiting her.? She is a delightful person who always manages to be positive and upbeat even when she’s feeling bad, and being able to visit her helps me not miss my grandmothers and other female relatives quite so much.

She has been in Emory Hospital recovering from surgery for a couple of weeks now.? When we got to her room she was sleeping, so we didn’t disturb her.? I just got a brief glimpse of her in the hospital bed, propped up with the oxygen cannula visible — she looked awfully frail to me.? Sigh.? I spent way too much time at the hospital with Dad over the summer, dealing with his illness and his surgeries and seeing the man I’ve always looked up to as my hero looking so worn and frail and defeated.? Today’s visit brought the memory, and my emotions, right back to the surface.

Watching those I love grow older and decline physically and eventually leave this world is inevitable.? I accept that but I sure as hell don’t have to like it.