Trying out Tumblr

I’ve been trying to come up with a good way to save all the little snippets of stuff I find on the web — pictures, quotes, links to articles, and so on.? ReadItLater is a way to save links to web pages I don’t have time to read right now, but I don’t have it synchronized across my multiple computers.? Also, it only handles the links.? Google Notebook is another option I’m using but it’s better for more detailed stuff, or when I need to add comments to pages and such.

A blog would work as well, but I don’t want to clutter up Art of the Firebird with miscellaneous uncategorized stuff that probably is meaningful only to me. I could create a sidebar, but that still leaves me using the WordPress interface, which is overkill for this sort of thing.

What I need is an application that lets me create what Skellie calls a “swipe file,” accessible anywhere I have access to the web. So on her recommendation (and a few others) I decided to try Tumblr.? I can quickly store all my snippets there, feed a few into my sidebar here, and we’ll see how it works.? I’ll report once I’ve used it for a couple of weeks.

Check it out — Art of the Firebird’s Tumblelog.