Seven Smoke-Free Weeks

As of today I have been smoke-free for seven weeks.

I still want one every so often but I have managed to resist the temptation.? For me the addiction was more emotional and psychological than physical, anyway.? A cigarette, to me, was always the chance to take a ten-minute break from the world, to just stand there and DO nothing but meditate and stare at the world around me and breathe, even if I was breathing nasty smoke.

Of course I am seeing the physical benefits of quitting, not to mention the financial benefits. I do believe that by now I have saved the cost of a pound of Momka’s Stormy Weather, which I promised myself as a reward if I could stay smoke-free for a month (just have to find it in stock somewhere).

Staying smoke-free, or breaking any addiction, is just a matter of taking it one day at a time.? Really.

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