A few updates and additions

Re: Attitude Is Everything — one of our customers from the DTS Bead Show called me the other day and wanted to get some more of Min’s earring beads.? I forwarded the info on to Min, who called the customer back.? The set the customer wanted was already sold, but Min reported back to me that she’s planning to get more stuff from BOTH of us shortly.? That good attitude is definitely paying off!

Re:? Creative Outlets — with the GPC show coming up, I’m turning my attention to putting finished pieces together.? I found I had a lot more wonkies left than I thought, so my little Wonky Bead Ornament Tree will be nicely decked out on my table next Tuesday.? Chinese threaders do just fine to hold a nice lampworked focal, especially when accented with a few little crystals.

Re:? Please Let It Be In Stock –? Got my GA Blush, got my Teal Carnival.? I need to melt some of that Teal Carnival this weekend for pendants for the Tuesday show — I bet it will make a couple of killer ones!

Re:? Getting Ready for eBay — erm, given what a couple of folks have said about sales at the moment, AFTER the GPC show, not before!

Re: Seven Smoke-Free Weeks — ordered my Momka’s Stormy Weather today, thanks to getting a heads-up about Vapor Glass’s 50% OFF MOMKA sale going on this week.? Of course, the 50% I saved on the pound of Stormy Weather I promptly spent on some additional colors I don’t already have ::shrug::.