Back to the glass

I got back to my beloved boro last night after a couple of weeks off.? Not that I particularly got a lot done, mind you.? I was pretty tired so I didn’t torch for too long, but I did make a couple more pendants a la Paula McDonough’s tutorial.? It turns out I like these even better than the first one.? I find that it’s hard to make something that large in boro completely flat and smooth, but I think I actually like the tactility of the ridges and stuff.? The teardrop-shaped one, in fact, feels a lot like a worry stone.? Imagine, a worry stone on a chain!

So I’ll do some more of those tomorrow.? I thought about doing some tonight, but there have been some technical issues with the Glass Haven that needed a little attention, so I took care of those.

(As it turns out, the issues were actually non-issues with security, but it never hurts to be safe and sure…even when you are already certain that the individual behind the issue is in reality blowing hot air out his ass, so to speak…)