NaBloPoMo is over, and I succeeded in meeting the challenge!? I wrote a post every single day of November…and two on Sundays, with my Best of the Week posts.? Sure, not all of them were great literature; some of them were just hastily thrown together to keep the string going.? Then again, the challenge didn’t say that all of the postings had to be great, just that they had to be posted.

Better yet, my friend and co-moderator at the Glass Haven, Gwacie, made it through the challenge successfully also. We kept cheering each other on, and commenting on each other’s posts, which I think helped both of us.? Way to go, Gwacie!!!

Plus there was help from my husband, who would check with me most nights before bedtime to make sure I’d blogged.? A couple of times I really did need that reminder — thanks, sweetheart 🙂 !

I probably won’t continue blogging every single day, but I think this has built up the habit of blogging fairly often rather than once every few months.

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    • PJP on August 8, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    even though this contest is over…oneworldoneheart is wonderful! I know when many years ago I first started on internet I was amazed of the friends I met and made around the world; france, canada, south africia, New Zealand, Australia. A few friendships have faded but several still remain. You blog post reminded me of those great fun chat times and good friends who are there yet today when I need a ear or just to share a joke.
    .-= PJP´s last blog ..A Little Boy’s Paradise =-.

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