The show, and Aunt Mary

DH’s Aunt Mary passed away today.? She’d been failing rapidly the past few days, so it was not surprising.? There will be a memorial service, probably next weekend, and she’s donated her body to Emory University (which I totally appreciate and approve of).? She wasn’t in any pain (thanks to a morphine drip), and evidently just quietly and peacefully slipped away — not a bad way to go, all in all.

The show wasn’t a wild success, but we sold a few things and made a little bit.? Only one of the new boro pendants sold, but they got a LOT of ooohs and aaaahs.? Actually, it doesn’t break my heart, because I don’t mind keeping one or two of them for myself. I think next year, with a little tweaking and more publicity, and the right merchandise, and it might do pretty darn well.