Get it Done — Flaming Hot! Blog-It

This week’s Flaming Hot Blog-It!:

Being self employed has it?s rewards and challenges. How do you manage to get your work done? Blog it.

I’m not altogether self-employed — I do have that “day job” teaching computer science. The lampworking is very much a side business.? It is very hard some days to come home, switch gears, and work on the side business.?? If it’s an evening when I need to make something, usually that’s not so tough.? I find that melting glass is relaxing and stress-relieving, and I look forward to doing that unless I’m just too tired to have any business sitting at the torch.

Other things — photography, bookkeeping, advertising — I have a lot more trouble with.? They aren’t stress-relieving; they are stress-inducing.? I tend to avoid them in favor of fiddling around with the computer or something.? I know I’m doing this, though, and one of my goals for the next few months is to get myself into the habit of keeping up with photography so that I can list things for sale online.? I still haven’t figured out the “carrot” for that one, though.

Maybe it’s a matter of comfort zones — things like computing and lampworking itself are part of my personal comfort zone so it’s not hard to convince myself to do them.? The other things are outside that realm, though, which makes it harder to convince myself to tackle them.