Goals and Objectives

From Flaming Hot!

How do you track the progress of your glass business? Do you set goals and benchmarks to be reached? Do you have detailed directives? Do you just plod along and let it happen? Tell us what you do to keep your business thriving. Blog it!

Up until now I haven’t really had goals and benchmarks for my glass business. The “business” part of it just sort of happened. A year or so after I started lampworking, I started selling the occasional bead or set, and that made me realize that it was becoming an endeavor that had best be made a legal and proper business. So in summer 2006 I got the tax ID numbers and business license and such, and started filing the necessary paperwork for sales tax and such.

For 2007 I didn’t formally set out any goals for the year. I thought I’d try out a show or two, maybe a couple of auctions, and see what happened. So I did, and a few things happened — enough for me to decide that this is worth continuing.

It’s almost 2008, and maybe it is time to think about some more concrete goals — get more specific about shows, about online sales, about a better plan to keep it organized. But I will make the main goal to enjoy what I am doing, and not let it get out of the hand so that it stresses me out!