My current staple glass object

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We all hang on to the familiar. What is your staple glass object you continue to make and why? Blog it!

My staple glass object right now would have to be something like this:

These are really just very basic beads from boro glass. I start by making a twistie cane of three or four or six colors striped over a clear core. This one was made from Northstar Caramel, Elvis Red, and a green (possibly Glass Alchemy Aqua Azul, but I am not sure). Once I make the twistie, I use it as the core for a Basic Round Bead, and encase the bead with a layer of clear glass. With my average twistie, I can get a set of anywhere from ten to eighteen beads, no two of which are going to look exactly alike but all of which will go together.

Since lampworking is, for me, as much relaxation and respite as it is creativity, I try to keep my approach to it as Zen-like as possible. With these beads, I can get into “the zone” almost without effort, whether I’m going the twisties or the beads. It’s a rare torching session that I don’t either make one or more sets, or at least make the twisties for a set or two at my next session.

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  1. These are beautiful! I am stuck on making faux boro because I’m so in love with the boro colours. I’m on a hh, but waiting for my new torch to arrive and believe there may be some of the real stuff in my future! :o)
    Gorgeous colours!

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