Got my tunes back!!!

I haven’t had sound working on my computer since this fall’s rebuild.? It took me a while for the problem to get annoying enough to deal with, but it finally did.? Actually, it was as much the fact that DH is getting fed up with Windows and AOL and how things just don’t play nice on his computer, so earlier this week he commented that he was starting to consider having me install Ubuntu Linux on HIS computer.? DH, the non-technogeek!!!

Well, he would absolutely be miserable without sound on his computer for all the sound clips and videos he finds in his ‘Net surfing, so I knew I’d better get it figured out.? Of course, as I started digging into the problem, I found out that our motherboards both have the absolute worst sound hardware to get working under Linux.? Lovely…NOT.? But I dug and dug and fiddled and fiddled and installed and uninstalled until I should have been getting SOMETHING…and then I pulled out my motherboard documentation and started reading.

Ha, I should do as I say, not as I do, myself — RTFM FIRST! ? Come to find out my motherboard does NOT like unpowered speakers, and of course both sets I’d been trying (the ones embedded in my monitor and the stand-alone ones) were unpowered.? So I plugged in the spare pair of powered speakers we had lying around and after another fiddle or two, VOILA!? SOUND!? WOOT!!!

This morning I decided I’d try some music.? I tried out the default Rhythmbox Music Player first, but it kept spontaneously closing as I was using Firefox.? Luckily I had another option available, because I’d installed Amarok upon its recommendation? in one of my many RSS feeds.? I opened it up, told it where my tunes were on my hard drive, let it build its database, and for the past hour or so have been contentedly listening to Acoustic Alchemy and Gretchen Wilson.

(Now there’s an odd combination for you, true.)


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