At the Mall

Anyone who knows me well knows that I regard both visiting any mall and shopping for clothes as only slightly higher than mammograms and colonoscopies on the List Of Fun Things To Do.? However, some local group was offering free prostate cancer screenings at The Evil Mall today, and DH thought it wise to take advantage.? So off to The Evil Mall we went after lunch.

What should have been a half-hour or so of strolling turned into a nearly three-hour marathon wait, as it turned out.? So there I was, wandering aimlessly from one end to the other for two of those hours (the third one I grabbed the car and ran over to JoAnn’s).? First stop, Victoria’s Secret, where there was not a single bra in my size to be found in the sale bins (I guess that’s her secret).? Not a good omen, I thought.

(Now keep in mind that my Philosophy of Clothes Shopping is that if you are actually trying to find something specific when you set out, you WILL NOT find it.? In fact, the likelihood of you finding something suitable is inversely proportional to your desperation to find it!)

My next stop was the Walking Company, the only store I was actually interested in browsing.? There, I found my favorite Merrill Primo Chill Slide shoes, in brown and in black, marked down.? Did I really need another pair of them to go with my green ones and my blue ones?? Well, if they have my size, I must need them…and they had the brown ones. ? Score.

More wandering the length of the mall led into Sears, where I strolled past the Land’s End Shop and did a doubletake — SALE.? Two very nice tailored flannel shirts in My Colors proceeded to jump into my shopping bag for less than the original price of one.? Score two.

Meandering some more, I found myself in Belk’s idly glancing at pocketbooks on the way to their ladies’ room.? There, on a sale shelf, was a Kathy van Zeeland bag that I’d contemplated ordering from Zappo’s several times.? Not only was it marked down, the sign above the shelf said “take 40% off the sale price.”? Well, THERE’S a no-brainer, dear — IN the shopping bag you go.? Score three.

$265 full retail price total.? $145.50 on sale.? That’s a 45% savings, not too shabby for stuff I liked at full price! If I needed to kill time at The Evil Mall, at least it was productive for once…though I didn’t push my luck with the acid test of clothes shopping — TRYING ON PANTS!