I had a day off from school today thanks to the MLK holiday. I could have spent pretty much the whole day lampworking, but kept putting off even turning on the kiln and concentrator.

  • First there was laundry,
  • Then the routine computer work (you know, emails, and blog feeds, and monitoring the forum)
  • Then working on updating my curriculum vitae, which I have to turn in before Friday for post-tenure review
  • Then studying the template files for The Glass Haven to try to figure out how to place ads there.
  • Add in a little reading here and there.

By evening I still wasn’t in the mood to torch, but I told myself to go in there and at least use up the twistie left over from the weekend. So I did, then played around with making a basic crunch bead (not as easy in boro as in soft glass), and made a few more twisties for later in the week. Not a particularly productive session, but at least I melted a little glass and eventually hit a bit of a groove.

Then, ironically, as I was doing my last-of-the-day check of the emails and feeds, I found that Leo Babauta of Zen Habits had talked about resistance, my resistance and his, to getting things done:

7 Powerful Steps to Overcoming Resistance and Actually Getting Stuff Done

Uh huh.? Number seven.? “Just start.”