The little things…

Last week Flaming Hot asked us:

What are the little ways you enjoy glass and the business you run?

That was a stumper for me, because there’s not much about glass that I don’t enjoy.? If anything, it would be easier to say what I DON’T enjoy about glass and the business I run.

There are two little ways, though, that I particularly enjoy my avocation.? One is just watching the glass itself melt.? For me, that is mesmerizing and utterly relaxing, even if I tense up immediately afterward because I’m trying something new or very complex. That little moment of Zen as I ready myself to mold and shape the glass to my vision is what it’s about.

The other is talking to other people about lampworking, particularly those people who don’t know anything about it.? One skill I’ve developed over many, many years of dealing with technology is explaining things to people simply and clearly without talking down to them.? I get to use that skill in a non-technology environment when I talk to people about the process of melting glass and the pleasure I get from it; it’s especially satisfying to see the proverbial light dawn for them as they realize just what is involved.

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