Back to the Future???

Time for another Flaming Hot! Blog It!

You fall asleep and think you are dreaming. But really, you have just traveled through time forward 5 years. What does your glass world look like? Blog it!

Hmmm.? Well, I think it looks, ah, full of glass…

Seriously, now.

Honestly, I’m not sure how different the studio, at least, looks from today.? More glass, perhaps.? I hope I’ll have decided by then whether I’m giving up the Bullseye or the COE104, since I already do mostly boro and two soft glass COEs is probably unnecessary.? There’s always the possibility that I’ll have a bit bigger torch by then, too.? Though since I’m leery of going with tanked oxygen, it wouldn’t be a whole lot bigger.

Outside the studio, though, I can see a successful little business on the side, making a modest profit every year with online sales and the handful of shows I do, and a nice collection of happy customers that are always glad to see me at those shows.? They eagerly inspect my new lampwork and purchase the perfect treasures for their creations.? Every time I have something new and different for them, as well as old favorites.? My style continually evolves, but is always my own.

Most of all, though, I still have my wonderful glass world friends :-).

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