Update on Mr. Boots

Mr. Boots still has not been able to come home. We ran his bloodwork again last week, and when the results came back several of the numbers indicating anemia were even lower. After discussing it with Dr. Ray at CCR, Dana arranged to send Mr. Boots over there for an ultrasound and x-rays today so they could see if there is any underlying cause for the anemia.

When I went over this afternoon to check in on him, I stopped in to talk to Shannon about any results that might be in. She said they had definitely found cysts in his kidneys, but didn’t know the size or extent. That’s indicative of polycystic kidney disease, which I now know (of course I came home and researched) is a congenital condition very common in Persian and Persian-related cats (like Himalayans). Apparently approximately 37% of the breed develops this condition.? It’s not curable, and treatment consists of pretty much the standard treatment for any feline renal disease. They also did a urinalysis, which they don’t yet have the results from, and I’m not sure what they are looking for there.

Dr. Ray is supposed to consult with a specialist tomorrow, then will get back with Shannon; Shannon is going to give him my number so he can call me and tell me just what is going on first-hand.

Shannon also said that if we talk it over and decide that we just can’t go through with adopting him, she and everyone else would certainly understand. Maybe so, and my head says she has a point. But my head’s not saying that very loudly, and my heart is practically shrieking “don’t listen!!!” I don’t think I can explain it with any logic, but I feel like this is meant to be — Mr. Boots is supposed to be part of my life, even if it may not be for that long. Backing out of making him part of our family is not a thought I can consider.