Mr. Boots is home!

Mr. Boots was finally allowed to come home Friday! We are still trying to get a good handle on his medical issues, particularly the cause of the anemia, but as Dr. Ray put it, “Mr. Boots needs to get on with his life.” So everyone cleared him to get out of that double-wide cage and into his Forever Home.

He does definitely have polycystic kidney disease, but right now it’s not affecting him at all. Sooner or later he will go into renal failure, but that’s pretty common in elderly cats anyway. Dr. Ray has him on a trial of Epogen for the anemia, so I’ve had to learn how to give him an every-other-day injection. He’ll go back to the vet at the end of next week and we’ll see if it’s doing any good.

As for adjusting to his latest move, well, he just made himself quite at home. He had a “safe room” to himself Friday afternoon, but by the time I got back from running my errands he was eager to come out and begin exploring the rest of the house and meet Donovan and the SarahCat. They, OTOH, were NOT quite so eager to meet him ::rolling eyes::. But they are adjusting as well. He is turning out to be a “proximate cat” and wants to be either near us or near the other cats (but not TOO near them yet). He follows me around the house; he sleeps on the bed with us; he sits on the sofa and watches TV with us; he snoozes in the office while we work.

He purrs a lot. I think he’s happy :-).

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  1. Congratulations on the homecoming.
    Cats are very popular on our Greek island. They are often featured in the art work of the area, especially photography.


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