In the “it’s a small world” category, DH got an email yesterday from his daughter.? She’d posted some of the pictures from our wedding on her MySpace page, and had gotten a message from one of her friends:? “Hey, I think I know your stepmother.”

Yep.? My stepdaughter’s friend B is a long-time co-worker at the college, having started as a student assistant in the Math department shortly after I started teaching there.? She became the department secretary, transferring to the Science department shortly before I moved to the Business department (which became the Business/Computer Science department).? We used to live not too far from each other, so during the last few years of the starter marriage she would cat-sit for me when we were all out of town.

I knew that B regularly attended the Georgia Renaissance Festival, but of course a lot of people do that.? Why would I ever think that she and my stepdaughter had connected several years back (perhaps even before DH and I met), as fans of the same band?

Just another odd coincidence in my life!