Thanks a lot, Glass Alchemy

Dear Glass Alchemy,

Thanks a lot.? I've been on a self-imposed until-we-move-this-fall glass buying moratorium recently, because I already have so much glass to move that merely thinking about it makes me cringe.? I was doing just fine until I got your newsletter in my email this morning.? Sure, I'm delighted to see that the experimental glass program is back, and I love the name "Revolution 33."

But why, oh why, did one of your first new colors HAVE to be my much-loved Agua Azul WITH SILVER ADDED???? The instant I saw the new Agua Chameleon , my moratorium shattered into teeny tiny little shards (of boro of course).

Sure, that's not all I immediately ordered. Who could be expected to resist new colors named "Tequila Mixer" and "Sex On The Beach"? But maybe I could have resisted, waited a bit and taken a chance that they would still be there later, if not for the Agua Chameleon.

Glass Alchemy Revolution 33, thou art a tempter beyond measure! Please don't introduce anything else new until at least October, lest I be unable to resist breaking my moratorium again!!