A Safety Tip

I found out tonight that it is NOT a good idea to let crud accumulate under one’s torch table. My table is a converted utility shelving unit, with a particle board shelf on the bottom to hold my oxycon and act as a footrest. There is about a one-inch gap between the bottom of the metal support and the floor.

Tonight I burned through a mandrel as I was making a bead. The hot bead dropped onto the table, then bounced down onto the floor and UNDER the table through that one-inch gap. Did I mention that the bead was HOT as in GLOWING??? Well, needless to say, the accumulated crud under the table decided to flare up. So I had the beginnings of a little flamb? going there in that little one-inch space.? Fortunately I was able to get the smouldering crud out and dunk it in the water before it could catch anything major on fire.? Yikes!!

I WILL be putting some kind of “skirt” piece there to block the gap so that hot glowing glass pieces won’t be rolling and bouncing under the table to catch stuff on fire any more!