8 Things to Love About My Husband

I just read Magpie Girl’s post on 8 Things to Love About Housemates.? Well, I’ve never been much on housemates per se, but I’ll complement her post with my own version:

  1. Coffee on the nightstand when I try to pry my eyelids open to get out of bed too early.
  2. Someone available to scratch my back just right when it itches.
  3. When we hear strange bumps in the night, he’ll get up and investigate so I don’t have to hide trembling under the covers.
  4. Insists I put my cold feet on him to warm them up in bed.
  5. Fresh-baked cinnamon rolls for Saturday morning breakfast in bed.
  6. Knows I could handle it (whatever it is) myself but chooses not to let me do so.
  7. Cleans our neighbor’s gutters also whenever he cleans our own.
  8. Doesn’t drive like my ex-husband.