Three Things You’d Save in an Emergency

Sara at On Simplicity wrote:

what three non-essential things would you save in an emergency? Your family, friends, pets, and any medical needs are considered essential for this question, so we?ll assume you?ve already got those.

As I think about my own answer to this, it really brings home how little I really need in terms of material possessions!? It also makes me realize that I don’t have a current backup of my data on my computer, because an external hard drive or flash drive containing that would probably be at the top of my list.? Perhaps I should do something about this???

Let’s say that number 1 is my hypothetical external data backup.? Number 2 might well be my rolling case containing my bead inventory.? A couple of thousand dollars of inventory would do quite a bit to help me restock my studio, or give me an opportunity to recognize the generosity of anyone helping me out in that emergency.? Number 3?? Hmmm.? I think I might have to quickly grab my little metal lunchbox containing my journal and journaling supplies.? I would probably need to work through a lot of angst as we rebuilt our life, and I’ve always found journaling a good tool for that.

So I would say that’s my final answer:

  1. A backup copy of my computer data on external/flash drive
  2. My bead inventory case
  3. My journal box

How about you?? What three things would YOU save?