Politics, Economics, Attitude, and Irony

Warning:? Most of the time I stay out of political discussions. I’m not a fan of the current government of this country; actually I’m not a fan of a whole lot of government involvement in society at all.? Yet I’ve been following the current presidential election with more interest than in any past election, and I don’t like most of what I see out there.

I’ve been particularly dismayed recently at the recent postings on one fellow lampworker’s blog, which shall remain nameless here.? I don’t know this individual personally and the chances are slim that we will ever meet face to face (which may well be a Very Good Thing).

It’s not her political views themselves I take issue with (though they are extremely different from my own) — I enjoy reading/hearing a good, rational, fair argument from either side. It’s the nastily vicious tone of her attacks on the Republicans and their presidential slate, with particular attention paid to Sarah Palin, that makes me so uneasy.? I’ve been following both sides of the discussion in the blogosphere for the past couple of weeks, and her writings are some of the most abusive I’ve read from either side.

Then, last week, she posted about the current struggles of her lampworking business:

Now the economy is in the toilet and I can?t GIVE my stuff away. I sometimes think I should just bundle up my entire studio and sell it off and just quit trying to kid myself.

I hate doing craft shows mainly because I have to travel for HOURS to get to one. Ebay was a godsend for me. I?ve had a few sales on Etsy but for the most part I?m just throwing my money away as well as my work. I know I?m not alone in feeling this way.

I?ve told myself to quit whining, suck it up and just make fast and easy beads and sell ?em for what I can get. But where?s the fun, the challenge, the ART in that?

Sure, correlation doesn’t imply cause.? But I think there just might be a link here. If I were one of her customers, current or potential, who didn’t share the extremity of her views, I would read her political posts and think, “WTF???? Do I REALLY want to do business with this person?”? As an artist, I would read the above and wonder if her passion for glass was ever real.? As a businessperson, I would read both types of post and just shake my head at the lack of business acumen.

As a fellow lampworker, I read her words and I’m reminded — Attitude really IS everything.


    • FourTailsLampwork on September 15, 2008 at 10:18 am

    I agree. Mind you, as you know :), my political leanings are right on with hers, and maybe even more to the left.


    They don’t belong on a marketing blog. Period. Neither does unconstructive complaining. Having a specific issue and discussing it constructively is great. Whingeing is not.

    • Julia on September 15, 2008 at 10:59 am

    I do know that 🙂 — some time ago you and I agreed to disagree on certain aspects of politics. But you express your political views without namecalling and debasing insults (which actually debase her more than her targets), which were what took me aback when reading them.

    If a blog is going to mix politics with other topics, particularly marketing, you need to be careful. Politics, and religion!!!

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