Test Your Color IQ

XRite.com has a test at their website where you can see how well you can distinguish between very similar hues by arranging color chips in a smooth gradient from one color to another.? The color ranges used are ones which the human eye has a hard time distinguishing from one another — basically somewhat washed-out or muted pastels.? The lower your score, the better you are at telling similar hues apart.

How did you do?? What is your Color IQ?

Mine was zero; according to the test I have perfect color vision.? Of course, I also have a good-quality monitor for my computer, which can affect the test.? I guess all the web design, not to mention the lampworking, has paid off.

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    • Four Tails Lampwork on September 17, 2008 at 9:04 am

    I got a 9. My monitor isn’t as good as yours … but it’s also a function of genetics. Almost *all* of my mistakes were concentrated in the boundary between green/blue. My father was color blind, and I carry the gene for it. My sister makes the same mistakes, but whereas I will see things as more blue than they are, she will see things as more green. Ain’t genetics fun?

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