The need for civilized discussion

I love my GlassHaven peeps — we’ve had a very lively political discussion ongoing this week, but everyone is keeping it very civilized in its liveliness!!!

I’ve been doing the “Best of the Week” posts here, (and cross-posting them to the GlassHaven) since TGH started. I’ve tried to include every lampworker-authored blog that I could find in my Google Reader feeds, so that I could make BotW as encompassing as possible. Currently that’s 93 feeds (plus my own blog), assuming I counted right.

Make that 92 feeds. I deleted one today because I could no longer stomach reading it . It’s a blog that has gone heavily political this summer and fall, with a very strong bias toward the political Left. What this blogger says isn’t why I deleted the subscription, though — it’s HOW they say it. Their writing is nasty and rarely refers to the Republican ticket by anything other than slurs (not to mention poorly supported with logic or fact — they are a big fan of the ad hominem argument). It’s a shame, because any valid points they might raise are obscured by the tone of their voice.

The final straw was today when they referred to John McCain as “McNasty” (which they have done before), and then “McF***” (only they wrote it out — I can’t even to quote them). I find that unbelievably, utterly lacking in anything resembling class.

Oh, I absolutely believe in First Amendment freedom of speech, and I will defend this person’s right to write whatever they wish, however they wish.

I just refuse to read it.