NaBloPoMo again?

Yep, even though the NaBloPoMo group is active all year around, November is officially National Blog Posting Month, with the challenge of posting every day for 30 days. I did it successfully last year (yay me!) and I do believe I’m going to give it another shot.? This time might be a bit of a challenge since I’ll be in Augusta visiting with Dee from Thursday to Sunday next week, but since I won’t be totally without computer access I think I should try. Doing it was good for me last year; I think it will be good for me again.

I do NOT promise to stick to any one subject, though. If I feel like writing about lampworking, lampworking it shall be. If my cats do something wonderful/stupid/funny/cute, they’ll be the subject. Shoot, they may write the Thanksgiving Day entry again for all I know. I will TRY not to get too political, but how can anyone help commenting on politics a little bit THIS year?

Stick with me — I’ll try to amuse or entertain you, or at least make you feel like life doesn’t suck as much as you think it does.