Using Social Media

It all started with my original blog at LiveJournal, which was to be the mis-adventures of a mid-40’s divorced woman. Since I met DH almost immediately, that went by the wayside, and the blog eventually moved here when I set up Art of the Firebird and became a general-purpose blog.

Then I discovered and StumbleUpon as places to keep track of interesting web sites, and of course I was going to share what I found. Of course I had to claim my blog on Technorati, and then more and more interesting sites came along to check out. When I found about Tumblr, I thought, “Perfect! A place for all the little snippets and tidbits I wanted to save and share.” So I set up not one, but two Tumblr sites, one for personal stuff and one for techie-related stuff.

I resisted Twitter and its imitators for a very long time. But once I started seeing more and more information about claiming your “social identity,” it was time to claim mine everywhere it could be claimed. After all, I can’t let anyone else out there be known as “Art of the Firebird” if I’m going to use that as my artistic identity!

All that has created a monster!? When I finally put together a lifestream aggregator and put every site where I have an account (at least every one I could remember) on there, it was, OMG, 42 different places and counting!? Eeek!!!

So how the hell do I keep up with ALL of them?? I think I don’t. I use tools like Ping.FM (which is a godsend!) for the status updates; the lifestream aggregators like Profilactic and FriendFeed and Lifestream.FM work pretty much on their own; some of them just barely exist and don’t get any attention. The ones that do are the ones I really care about, or the ones that are may eventually be good for marketing. I figure as time goes on, I will keep trying things out and the ones that work for me will be ones that get some attention; the ones that don’t work will at least not be claimable by someone else using my identity.

Who would have thought five years ago that social media would be so, well, pervasive?

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