Obligatory Post-Election Post

Thank goodness it’s November 5.? Except that here in Georgia we can look forward to, gag, another four weeks of campaign nonsense, as our Senate race has apparently been tipped into a runoff. The Senate campaign ads were possibly the most aggravating of all of them, and it looks like we’re going to be subjected to them, and more, until December 2. I think we’ll be using the TV and radio mute buttons a lot.

I’m resignedly glad that the Presidential race was as decisive as it was, at least as far as the Electoral College goes. At least there won’t be a repeat of the post-election ugliness of 2000. I do note, though, that the popular vote was far, far closer, so regarding this election as a mandate is probably a grave mistake.

I think the real tragedy of this election cycle is the destruction of any notion of the mainstream media as fair and objective. I know that what little remaining trust I had in the MSM is completely gone. Journalism is no longer about reporting, but about ratings, giving the people what they apparently want instead of what they need to know. Interestingly enough, this election probably means the resurrection of the “Fairness Doctrine” — I wonder if its ultra-liberal Congressional proponents realize that it will be a tool that can cut both ways…

I am left today to hope that my Obama-supporting friends and family are indeed correct, and that he will prove to be the leader that this country needs right now. I also pray that nothing happens to him — aside from all the implications of martyrdom, the thought of Joe Biden, or if something were to also happen to him Nancy Pelosi, in the Oval Office is truly frightening.

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  1. You know, I only saw one TV ad in the entire campaign — I watch several shows, but I DL them or I record them and watch later, so Chambliss’ ad came as a nasty shock. Until then — about a week before the campaign — I literally had not heard any campaign ads. Something to be said for not watching on the broadcast stations’ timeslots. And NPR doesn’t air ads, so I didn’t hear any on the radio, either.

    That being said, I hope we can all work together! (Though I have to say I found Sarah Palin as frightening as you find Nancy Pelosi (whome I rather like 🙂 🙂 )

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