Major Karma Points…

…I haz earned dem today.

Since my lovely colleague showed up to attend the state curriculum meeting, I was free to be Dee’s flunky and go-fer for the morning. The conference registrar was not there by registration time (second time in three years this has happened), so I was handling as much as I could of registration.? At lunch we got an email from him that there was a “crisis” on campus and he wasn’t coming. So I stayed at the registration desk most of the afternoon to handle everything possible rather than attending the keynote and paper sessions.? Shoot, I can read the papers in the proceedings anyway, can’t I?

I think after tonight’s Steering Committee meeting I may have his job for real. Well, I did volunteer to replace him if K decides to fire him. I might as well.

So I get in good with the Karma Fairy for being my usual self and filling in where I was needed, plus I got some exercise running back and forth across campus doing some fetching and carrying.

I think a glass of wine will be definitely in order once we get back to Dee’s, though.