Catching Up Is Hard To Do

So I go away for three and a half days with highly limited computer access (just a brief chance on Friday to check email). I come back to over a hundred personal emails, not quite that many work emails, various and sundry forum postings at the Glass Haven, bunches of Tweets, and over 350 things in Google Reader. The emails are caught up, as are the forum postings, but Google Reader is only down to 217 entries. Of course, when you get 150-200 postings to Google Reader on many days, it’s no wonder that’s taking a while to catch up.

It doesn’t help that I came back tired from not enough sleep in a strange bed. That led to essential naps both yesterday and today. Nor does it help that my fabulous purple suede ankle boots were never meant to be worn for a sixteen hour day spent mostly on my feet on hard floors or walking back and forth across a college campus. My feet are still trying to recover from the resulting blisters and major swelling.

Then there’s the grading. Let’s not even talk about that, ok?

How do you eat an elephant?? One bite at a time, my friends, one bite at a time.