1000 Markets

Andrea found a new online site for selling handmade craft items, 1000 Markets. As soon as she mentioned it on Twitter, I popped over and checked it out. I liked what I saw and signed up right away!

It’s pretty easy to set things up, and the fees are comparable to other venues once you consider that you are paying a single fee, not separate fees like you do when you use PayPal with Etsy. I spent some time the last couple of days getting my shop set up and putting just a few products into it so it could get approved and go live. I haven’t heard back about the approval, but hopefully there will be something in my mailbox by tomorrow morning.

Go check it out — I’m at Art of the Firebird there, of course.? So far it looks like Andrea and I are the only two lampworkers, so if we can get some people visiting there, we may just have a sales venue to work with.