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I got this response back today:

Hi, I appreciate the work you put into your product and that you took the time to set up your shop and seek approval. Unfortunately, we are focused on “finished” products and do not yet have a place for wonderfully handmade supplies like beads and yarn.

There’s just one thing — they already have approved two lampwork bead artists who are selling actual beads, not just finished products.? There’s also nothing in the terms of service, policies, or anywhere else that mentions “finished” products.? So I questioned the decision. Nothing’s resolved yet in regards to the supplies issue, but I am going to take some decent pictures tomorrow of my “finished” products, post them, and see if I can get approved at least for those.

As far as I am concerned, it is 1000Markets’ choice whether to consider handmade supplies as proper for their venue or not. It’s their site!? I just think there should be a definite policy and they should adhere to it for everyone.? I’m going to feel like a real rat, though, if this pushes Andrea and FormFire Glassworks out of there. I didn’t raise the issue to try to screw them!

If the truth about my stuff was that they didn’t feel like my pictures (they do rather suck), or my work, is up to their standards, then don’t B.S. me about it — that’s REALLY offensive. Tell me the truth, and I can either improve up to the standard or move on.? Just DON’T feed me B.S.!!

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  1. I think it’s your pictures, and you know we can work on those!! Also, you didn;t have anything finished. You’re right, though, that the expectation for finished product should be clearer. That’s the downside of a totally new site. At least Matt seems to be willing to listen to your argument about high-wuality artisan made “supplies” that are miniature works of art in and of themselves.

    FFG and I talked about it, and we think the worst that 1000Markets can do is to ask us to limit our shops to wearables. FFG already has ALL her sets presented as pendants OR loose beads, and I am following suit. Tonight I’m revamping the shop categories to diminish the emphasis on the lampwork sets, and tomorrow I’ll add pictures of beads on plain Greek leather cording. Every set can be a plain necklace or it can be a lampwor set, the customer’s choice.

  2. No rattiness here! It is always upsetting to be told that you haven’t been approved to anything. (How many sellers in my groups have been told that they didn’t get into certain sites (TrunkT, Handmade Fusion) or into big craft shows (Capsule, FeltClub).

    As Andrea explained, all of my pieces on 1000 are being sold as wearable. I have each set available either strung on an inexpensive rubber cord with SS clasp or SS omega chain. I may put a couple of bracelets together from my slider beads and add those in. I am focusing all of my wearable pieces there. I will be keeping all my loose work on Etsy only. I agree that they should probably be more clear about that expectation. All of us lampworkers do understand the artistry and skill required in making good glass beads, but it is hard to draw the line between that as a handmade artform and supplies. I have beads from some well-known lampworkers – they are a collection, and I don’t make any jewelry from them. On the other hand, many do.

    I would suggest focusing on your finished pieces, and pumping up the photography side – although I haven’t seen your pix, I know that they are being really picky about that – no darkness, no blurriness. They are looking either for clean minimal backgrounds or backgrounds that evoke an atmosphere.

    I think that Matt may have picked the easiest aspect to focus on, and probably should have included the other issues.

    Hope you work this out to your satisfaction!

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