Finally Live at 1000 Markets!

It took some doing, but my shop at 1000 Markets is finally approved and open for business! I got the products and new pictures up and resubmitted it on Thursday, only to get a message back today saying that my pendants needed to be offered ready-to-wear on a cord or chain. Well, the cord/chain wasn’t in the pictures, but it was CLEARLY stated in every single description (since that part of the descriptions is a boilerplate, duh). So I promptly messaged back asking that the reviewer please read those descriptions again.? Two hours later I had another message: “My mistake. Welcome!”

I just hope this is worth it. I plan to put mostly my pendants and earrings up for sale there, and probably any other finished products I come up with. I’ll still need to find a reasonable venue for the bead sets; that’s next. And, of course, I have to start pimping the HELL out of it, LOL!

Come see it, add comments to my comment wall, maybe even buy a holiday present for someone special :-). I’ll be adding more pretties later in the week.