A Few Obligatory Post-Inaugural Thoughts

Art of the Firebird still isn’t a political blog, but I’ve had a couple of thoughts over the last few days to share.? Yesterday, all day, when reading through so many of the blogs I follow, you would have thought that the sun was shining everywhere around the world, the sky was full of rainbows, bluebird songs were filling the air, world peace had been achieved, poverty and hunger had instantly been wiped out around the world, and scientists had just announced cures for cancer and the common cold.

(Aside: the last is the one I REALLY wish had been true, as I’ve had a miserable one for the better part of the week.)

You’d have thought the world suddenly became perfect as of noon on Tuesday, January 20, 2009.

I didn’t share that euphoric feeling. In fact, I feel somewhat sad that I couldn’t share that feeling. The cynical, realistic Firebird knew, and knows, that in truth the world is the same today as it was Monday. The Dow went right along with me, dropping 300 or so points yesterday.? I know that “change” is the word of the day, the month, the cycle, but I’m just sitting back waiting to see what substantive change really does happen.

What change do I actually expect? I don’t have a crystal ball, I’m no sorceress or seer, but I’d have to say, not much. The current optimism may carry our country for a while, but I expect that sooner rather than later, it will be politics as usual in Washington, DC, and in every state capitol in the country. Politicians, regardless of party affiliation, will act in their own self-interests, defined as getting re-elected and staying in power with the assistance of lobbyists, political contributors, and powerbrokers. Government will continue to expand in size, power, and influence to the detriment of the individual, and will continue to squander the money of the people it is supposed to serve rather than letting them spend THEIR money how they deem fit.

In other words, Same Shit, Different Day. Though I’d love to be proven wrong.

One more thing — all the cheap shots at former President Bush and his administration over the past few weeks?? Tacky, tacky, classless, and tacky!!! If people can’t respect the man, they can at least respect the office. I had to unsubscribe from another blog yesterday, that of a jewelry artist who had been repeatedly posting rather pretty mean-spirited things, after the author posted a picture of a sign showing President Bush waving, with the words “Adios, Douchebag!” That was IMO disgustingly beyond the pale no matter whose picture was on it (and no, I’ve never been a big Bush fan). The author later removed the picture, though not the post, saying they didn’t want to “sully their archives” with it. Whatever — I’m staying unsubscribed, and have lost pretty much all respect for that individual.? There’s no place in my life for that kind of ugly attitude, no matter where it’s directed.