The Slacker Returneth

NaBloPoMo November 2009

I've needed a kick in the posterior to get me back to blogging, instead of merely Tweeting and Facebook-ing. There's nothing wrong, mind you, with Twitter or Facebook — they do get you a widespread audience potentially. But sometimes it's really hard to fit what you want to say into a mere 140 characters!

Fortunately here's the big yearly National Blog Posting Month, better known as NaBloPoMo (a spinoff from NaNoWriMo), just in time to save me from my inner slacker. Of course, EVERY month can be NaBloPoMo, but November is the biggie, with the prizes and stuff. Most months have an Official Theme, but not November, which suits me just fine and dandy. I did this successfully two, or was it three, years ago, so I can do it again. I just need to dedicate fifteen minutes or so a day to writing something here.

I'm NOT promising that every post will be a brilliant epistle. There's sure to be some drivel. I'm going to try, though, whether I'm writing about melting glass or saving cats or annoying snowflake students (or their antithesis) or Generic Life.

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