Here I am trying to blog every day for a month, four days in, and I have nothing to say. Do we call this “blogger’s block,” akin to writer’s block? Or is it just symptomatic of the entire day, when I couldn’t get moving this morning, was blah all through class, came home and fell asleep, and after dinner made a very few, very uninspired beads.

Since I was so uninspired, I thought I’d practice using my crystal press, which has been challenging me ever since I got it. It makes beautiful beads WHEN you can get it to work right. However, it is extremely sensitive to the amount of glass you use as well as how that glass is placed. That makes it hard to get both a nice shape around the middle, with well-defined edges and points, and nice ends that are even and smooth instead of lopsided and sharp. It’s even more of a challenge if you want encased crystals, since keeping the core from bleeding out the ends requires something I haven’t discovered yet.

At least tomorrow is Thursday — shorter class day (with an interesting topic for once), dance class in the evening, and a three-day weekend.

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